Early Families of Hollis and Dayton, Maine is currently being researched and written. Hollis was originally called Little Plantation with formal records beginning in 1781. However, its history really goes back to 1660 and 1664, when the area was purchased by Major Wiliam Phillips from two Indian sagamores. In time Phillips transferred his rights to a series of men and families. Early settlement started by 1753 by families associated with the Block Hose on the Saco River. Some of the earliest families were the Gordons, Beans, Dyers, Smiths, Townsends, Wadlin and Youngs, all from Biddeford. These and many more will be covered in this new book whose publication may be as early as late 2023.

Since the southern part of Hollis below Cook's Corner was set-off as Dayton in 1854 many of Hollis's early families found themselves living in a new town. The book's title recognizes that many of the same families had their roots in both towns.

Those people whose ancestors are from Hollis-Dayton and have genealogical data already are invited to share those records with the author to assist him in increasing the authoritativeness of the book.

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